weekend checklist no. 4

street peeper(via Street Peeper)

So far, August has been a month consisting of the following: learning to code, packing for my upcoming move, shopping for new home decor, obsessing over Karlie Kloss’s new YouTube channel, and trying out an at-home version of Modelfit.


  1. How To Style Your Apartment Like a Pro (via BHG.com)
  2. 10 DIY Ideas to Decorate, Accessorize, & Identify Keys (via Apartment Therapy)
  3. 10 Things to Get Done Before Labor Day (via Apartment Therapy)
  4. Karlie’s Youtube Channel
  5. Tons of Gorgeous Desktop Backgrounds (via Design Love Fest)


Here’s the five playlists I’ve been listening to non-stop on 8tracks:

1. Common Room Radio: Ravenclaw
2. What, Like It’s Hard?
3. Bring Me Home
4. The Sky Turned Black Like a Perfect Storm
5. Francophone.



The Buried GiantKazuo Ishiguro

My love for Kazuo Ishiguro is nothing new. I’m a huge fan of Never Let Me Go and was excited to read his first new novel in ten years. I’m a few chapters in and already, this is one of the most unique stories I’ve ever read. It’s certainly not fast-paced and might not be for everyone. However, if you’re in the mood for something magical and a bit different, I recommend it.



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