The Young Sophisticate’s Guide


My lack of recent posts can be used to prove the fact that I’ve been suffering a major creative block lately. Between school and internships and relationships, I struggled to find the right inspiration for content, which caused the blog to become less of a priority for me. However, I recently realized that a stronger sense of direction might be the perfect creative jumpstart.

Last summer, I started developing an idea to take my blog into a new, more focused direction. I was living in the New York metro area, working at a marketing internship for a big food + personal care company. On the weekdays, I spent my time analyzing data related to the marketing and sale of hair products. On the weekends, I wandered around Manhattan on a mission to take advantage of the city by visiting all of my favorite spots and trying new ones that I had read about on various blogs or in magazines.

I found that what I liked to do on the weekends was pretty different than the things the other interns liked to do. This came as no surprise. Without sounding too self-righteous, I have to point out that not fitting into popular culture has been a recurring theme in my life. I withhold any judgment, but I would much rather eat pierogi at Veselka or see a movie at The Angelika than hang out in a sports bar (or really any bar, for that matter).

I know I’m not the only one! Throughout my life, I’ve come across others who enjoy a different kind of lifestyle, too. This explains why I’m so drawn to bloggers like Carly, Sarah Vickers, Lauryn Evarts, and Julia Engel who (clearly) live exciting and fun lives, yet manage to do so in a way that is refined and sophisticated.

So, that leads me to the blog makeover and the new name that I’ve been thinking about for almost a year now: The Young Sophisticate’s Guide.

I’m reminded of the sophists—sophos essentially meaning “wisdom” in Ancient Greek–whose focus was on teaching excellence. The word sophisticated has since come to describe a person who has been enlightened, whose tastes are refined, and whose experience has given them wisdom.

There are so many young women in the world who are reaching for a lifestyle and an existence that is different than the norm. Proof of this is the fact that blogs like The College Prepster and Classy Girls Wear Pearls have built such an enormous following. Many of the girls who like these blogs, myself included, have likely been frustrated by the lack of opportunity to build that lifestyle for whatever reason.

I have yet to find a blog that serves as a guide to achieving the sophisticated lifestyle that so many girls would like to strive towards. I will say that the greatest gift I’ve been given is the ability to create the lifestyle I want despite the lack of finances (I’m only graduating college in three weeks!), lack of resources (I don’t live full time in a major metropolitan area), and lack of likeminded individuals (I’m not part of the KJP crew).

Since that kind of blog, to my knowledge, isn’t out there—I figured, why not do it myself? I’d love to use my blog to share how I manage my lifestyle and how you can do it, too! There will be posts on everything from travel (fun trip coming up!) to wellness to home decor and everything in between.

I’m really excited to move in this new direction. I suppose it’s time to find a new cafe and begin furiously writing.


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