Academy Awards 2015

boyhood-compare1I’ll be watching the Oscars from a hotel tonight rather than my usual viewing party. However, that does not mean that it won’t be a grand affair. I—like most of the critics it seems—am still pulling for Boyhood but will admit my fear that Birdman might take home Best Picture. If that were to be the case, I have to express my frustration. Birdman is a film that has proven itself to be very appealing to those who live and work in Hollywood. While Boyhood has been successful this award season, Birdman was popular at the guild awards and those who vote at the guild awards also vote for the Academy Awards. This leads me to the sad prediction that Birdman–being a film that, like the Academy Awards itself, celebrates “the movies”–will win out over Boyhood which truly is a groundbreaking work that is far more universally resonating than a film about a washed up actor.

Regardless of who wins, we all might as well enjoy watching and try our best not to embarrass ourselves when we become inconsolable during the In Memorium segment. So, here are some recipes to distract your viewing party from your sad, wet face:

b928a0a5b35277d95841d21351e5818dVegan Cheesy Popcorn via Clean Food Dirty City

Bruschetta_820x625Roasted Tomato Bruschetta via GOOP

Moet-Chandon-Red-Carpet-Glamour-Cocktail-Recipe-v-590x885Moet Red Carpet Glamour Cocktail via Aida Mollenkamp


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