Sick Days

I’m lucky to say that I rarely get sick. When I do get sick, however, it is typically something awful like a case of strep throat. That’s what I’m dealing with this week. Despite feeling absolutely horrible, I will say that sick days can have their benefits. I’ve gotten to catch up on reading, relax in my room without having to think about finals, and have survived on blueberry oatmeal and bananas. Plus, my boyfriend surprised me with green tea and that was pretty cute. Here are some ways to embrace your next sick day and a few ideas on how to distract yourself from feeling ill. Screen Shot 2014-12-04 at 3.17.45 PMTwinPeaks_openingshotcreditsTWIN PEAKS My latest Netflix binge has been Twin Peaks and I’ve decided that it is perfect for sick days. The whole thing feels like a fever dream, so it’s a great pick for days when you’re already feeling a bit out of it. For those who don’t know, Twin Peaks was the murder mystery television series created by David Lynch in the early nineties. It’s strange how modern the show feels even though it is nearly 25 years old.

gossip-girlGOSSIP GIRL If you’ve been wanting to revisit an old favorite, now is the time. There is absolutely no shame in spending your waking hours drinking tea and fawning over Blair Waldorf. In fact, this might be my next course of action. I recommend re-watching the first season (of course), but the Paris episodes and crazy Louis plot-line might be worth revisiting as well.

100-FOOT-JOURNEY-Lasse-CharlotteTHE HUNDRED FOOT JOURNEY I recommend watching any sort of quiet, cooking related films when you’re sick. This could mean Haute Cuisine, Chef, or perhaps Julie & Julia. While my favorite will always be Haute Cuisine (Catherine Frot is a physical manifestation of elegance), I was really impressed by The Hundred Foot Journey which features both French and Indian cooking. You can’t go wrong by pairing together Helen Mirren, a handsome male lead (Manish Dayal), and an adorable French girl (Charlotte Le Bon), right?

10-things-I-hate-about-you-10-things-i-hate-about-you-10317857-500-28110 THINGS I HATE ABOUT YOU Or whichever 90s throwback movie is your favorite. Clueless, maybe? The key here is to choose a feel-good movie that you’ve already seen several times so that you can fall asleep without really missing anything.



THE WONDERFUL WORLD OF THE BROTHERS GRIMM This is my go-to sick day movie. The main plot follows Wilhelm and Jacob Grimm, but several fairytales are woven into the story. I most fondly remember Russ Tamblyn in The Dancing Princess. This film is best enjoyed very early in the morning, accompanied by breakfast and hot tea.

lesmiscoverLES MISERABLES by VICTOR HUGO Sick days can provide a great opportunity for you to make progress on reading that ambitious novel you haven’t otherwise had the time for me. Right now, I’m enjoying Les Miserables and my next sick day will probably involve my powering through at least one of the In Search of Lost Time books. On the other hand….







SOUTHERN CHARM byTINSLEY MORTIMER You could use this time to indulge in something ludicrously shallow yet undeniably enjoyable. If you feel like reading Tinsley Mortimer’s book about a character whose actual name is “Minty Davenport” (!!!), go for it. You are sick, so no one is allowed to judge you.

Screen Shot 2014-12-04 at 3.17.58 PM> Tons of water
> Ginger Ale
> Lemon-Honey-Ginger Tea
Completely magical.
> Turmeric Milk Tea
Great for reducing inflammation.
Hot Toddy
When you need something stronger.
Vegetable Soup
I like Dr. McDougall’s.
Fruit Popsicles
> Evolution Defense Up! Drink
Loaded with Vitamin-C.
> Suja Lemon Love
The combination of lemon and cayenne pepper will kick the sickness right out you, I swear.

Screen Shot 2014-12-04 at 3.18.04 PM500-mg Acetamenophin
Take a Sick Day
Headache of Shattered Thoughts
When She Feels Sick
Sun Is Low


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