Each year, I set a goal to see every Best Picture nominee and, while I usually get close, I have yet to do so. This year, I had an early start due to seeing Boyhood in New York before being mass released. I saw Gone Girl last month (and have since had several lengthy conversations about it). Chris Nolan’s Interstellar was on my list for the month of November (alongside BirdmanFoxcatcher, and The Theory of Everything) and I had the opportunity to see it today.

I don’t want to divulge too many details, but I will say this:

This movie completely refueled my fascination with wormholes and provided crucial, albeit completely terrifying, commentary on environmentalism and scientific denialism. I think it’s great that a filmmaker has managed to create a story centered around an agricultural crisis without coming off totally didactic.

Technically speaking, it wasn’t as overtly beautiful as Gravity, but it was certainly a good-looking film (and had a FAR better script). However, it was the sound that got me. The score was eerie and wonderful and the sound editing was great.

Ultimately, Interstellar blended the action of a sci-fi thriller with the solid dialogue of Oscar-worthy dramas. Although Boyhood is still my pick for Best Picture, Christopher Nolan has created a worthy contender.


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