Photographic Evidence

The summer is halfway over and I must say, it’s been an overwhelmingly weird/exciting/refreshing one. I have learned so much in the past month and a half, both related to and completely unrelated to my internship. I can honestly say that I’ve had some of the best experiences of my life and have made connections with people that I hope will last a lifetime.

It’s strange. The city is the perfect place for an introvert. I am reminded daily of Jordan Baker’s idea in The Great Gatsby: “I like large parties. They’re so intimate.” For me, that directly relates to how I feel in New York. Everything goes. Someone will always be weirder than you, so there’s no pressure to behave a certain way or suppress your eccentricities. It’s rather liberating!

Here are some of the highlights of my summer, thus far:


1. Seeing the American Ballet Theatre perform Cinderella. I’m certainly making progress with my goal to see see every major ballet company. Last month was ABT and this weekend, I’ll be fulfilling my dream of seeing the Bolshoi perform Swan Lake. I can’t say enough good things about rush tickets.

2. Spending far too much time at the Strand. I tried to put a limit on the number of books I would purchase, but that failed almost immediately. At this point, I’ve gotten eleven “new” books that will have to be shipped home as they won’t fit in my luggage. Oops.


3. The World Cup is really weird for me. It’s bizarre having to answer the question “What is Arsenal?” while watching a match with friends who are not year-round football fans. Watching a portion of the first England match at Churchill Tavern with a room full of Brits was sublime, even if they did lose. I ended up leaving mid-match and went to a different pub to watch with some other interns, who were then exposed to the insane monster inside of me that comes out when either a) my team is losing or b) Wayne Rooney is present (I will always have a vendetta against that man).

4. It was a slightly calmer experience to watch a France match at Bar Tabac in Brooklyn. Giroud made me proud and Antoine Griezmann earned himself an extra Facebook like.


5. I’m trying to talk less about Veselka.

6. Having the opportunity to randomly meet Carly one day was certainly a highlight. It was through reading her blog that I was inspired to write my own. People always say that it’s better not to meet your heroes, but that doesn’t apply here. Also, Cafe Jax has really, really good cold brew coffee.


7. I walked 80 blocks one day for no reason. I spent the morning at NewsBar near Union Square, then started walking while listening to music and just kept going. I walked up 5th Ave for awhile, crossed over to the west side and finally stopped at 86th Street. I think I may have sprained my foot in the process, but that’s okay.

8. I truly never get bored of the Met. I feel at home in the Greek and Roman Art hall and love overhearing teenaged girls contemplate the significance of “old plates”. The rooftop isn’t bad either, but more on that later.


9. I had the chance to go the Fancy Foods Show at the Javits Center with the other interns. I ate way too much cheese, took shots of tequila at 10:30 AM, saw Martha Stewart (!!!), and flattered a representative from Florida Crystals into giving me tons of full-sized product.

10. The Jeff Koons Retrospective at The Whitney was so much fun. This place has everything: hyper-realistic paintings of cake, inflatable flowers, a sculpture of Buster Keaton riding a pony, the famous gold balloon dog, and an entire room full of art with explicit nudity where parents rush to shield their children’s eyes!


11. I’m trying to talk less about The Smith’s Mac & Cheese. I will, however, talk about the French 75 which is my new favorite cocktail. It’s a mixture of my two favorite drinks (Tom Collins and champagne) and it is absolutely perfect.

12. A friend/fellow intern and I learned that we are photo booth failures. The first time around (see above), we were caught off guard by the first flash. The second time around, only 1/4 of my face was in the frame. We went to the Angelika after this horrible failure and I got to see Begin Again for the second time.


13. After talking in depth about my love for Richard Linklater over brunch, I decided on a whim to go see Boyhood. I picked a random theater and a random time, only to find out that Richard Linklater himself (as well as the film’s star Ellar Coltrane) would be present at the screening to give an introduction to the film. I nearly had a conniption. The film, by the way, was brilliant. Go see it.

14. I found my new favorite place to work/blog and that place is the lobby of the Ace Hotel, from which I type this very post.



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