SEE THIS: “Begin Again”



I woke up on a rainy 4th of July with an overwhelming desire to go to the movies. I rolled out of bed, curled my hair (pointless, as the rain washed them right out), zipped up my raincoat and headed to SoHo to see “Begin Again” at The Angelika. I kept hearing about this movie but wasn’t overly excited to see it until recently. I wasn’t fond of the original name (“Can a Song Save Your Life?”) and did not believe it would live up to a film such as Once. But, alas, I decided to see it because the movie is about New York in the summer and guess what? I’m in New York and it’s the summer.

I arrived at the theater and had time to buy some lemonade, an apple, and popcorn from the beautiful cafe. When I say beautiful, I mean it. The walls are adorned with vintage movie posters and the whole room is illuminated by chandeliers.

Photo Jul 04, 1 52 20 PM

I made my way into the theater downstairs, which is a no-frills room with rows upon rows of endearingly uncomfortable (and creaky) chairs.

Begin Again is one of those movies that entertains from start to finish, like a book that you hope never ends. To be honest, it wasn’t the plot that made this movie so good. It was all about the music and the way it captured the strange magic of the city. At certain points throughout the movie, the floor literally shook beneath my feet as the subway rattled underground. When the movie ended, I walked out of the theater feeling connected to and appreciative of every little detail around me.

To move away from my melodramatic passion, I feel it necessary to mention the fact that Keira Knightley’s wardrobe in the movie is perfect. Her character, Greta, has an androgynous, “cool girl” style reminiscent of Alexa Chung or Jeanne Damas.

I highly recommend that you buy the Begin Again soundtrack, but be sure to refrain from doing so until you’ve seen the movie.

See this film if:

  • You loved Once.
  • You’ve ever been alone in the city.
  • You enjoy Adam Levine.
  • You have a passion for music.
  • You follow a lot of tomboy style blogs.

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