My Top 10 Youtube Channels

Lately, I’ve been obsessed with YouTube. I’ve obviously used it before, but recently I’ve found some channels that are, quite honestly, better than television. In the past, I’ve written about my love for John Green’s series Crash Course, which I believe was the catalyst for my newfound YouTube obsession. So, the following is a list (in no specific order) of my Top 10 favorite YouTube channels:

1. Net-a-Porter
This channel is companion to the amazing online retailer  and it is completely fabulous. The videos range from runway shows and backstage interviews to makeup tutorials by Charlotte Tilbury and a lifestyle series with the lovely Miranda Kerr. My personal favorite videos are the shoe reels. In the following video, I die for the shoes at 1:45.


2. Martha Stewart
I am utterly obsessed, both with Martha (obviously) and her YouTube channel. It has tons of videos on how to set up a bar, how to bake old-fashioned peanut butter cookies, and how to organize your closet. She also has a great “Throwback Thursday” playlist filled with all sorts of old clips from her show. Below is one of my favorite moments, when Martha makes Baked Alaska with Andy Samberg.


3. Saveur
Saveur is one of my very favorite websites and their YouTube channel does not disappoint. The cooking videos are unique and beautifully shot. There is also a comprehensive playlist of videos featuring wonderful technical tips and tricks, such as how to de-seed a pomegranate and how to frost a layer cake.


4. BeFiT
This is the behemoth of fitness channels. I have to admit that I am biased toward this channel because they have full-length videos of my two favorite Jillian Michaels workouts. I used to do one of these videos everyday, using an on-demand TV channel called FitTV. One day, the videos vanished from the on-demand service out of nowhere and I haven’t been able to do my favorite workout until I found the videos on BeFiT. Some other favorites on the channel are Mary Helen Bowers’ Ballet Beautiful and the miniature mobile workouts.

5. Blogilates
I’ve been doing Blogilates for about a year now and it never gets boring. You can follow Cassey’s monthly workout plan for free through the My Blogilates fitness community, as well as her mobile app. It’s been really fun to see Blogilates grow from a YouTube series to a fitness empire. The videos are fun and challenging, ranging from Pop Pilates challenges (mini workouts set to a popular song) to difficult HIIT workouts. Cassey is a lot of fun and tends to talk about nail polish and shoes a lot during the workouts, which is a nice distraction when you’re doing what feels like hundreds of side planks.

6. Look TV
Here is another channel with tons of videos and playlists. On Look TV, you’ll find runway shows, beauty tutorials, and lifestyle videos. There is a great playlist featuring technical design videos with Nick Verreos, who teaches fashion illustration as well as sewing and draping tutorials. I also love the How To Make It In Fashion series. Finally, Look TV has separate channels such as Fashion By Look and Models By Look. I especially like the healthy cooking videos on Models By Look and “Fashion Flashbacks” on Fashion By Look.

7. Pixiwoo
Pixiwoo features beauty tutorials from two sisters, Sam and Nic Chapman. They do product reviews, vintage inspired tutorials, and tons of celebrity makeup looks.

8. The Coveteur
The Coveteur is a fabulous website featuring closet tours of some very stylish women and men. Their YouTube channel has videos covering fashion, travel, cooking, and cute little videos with people like Leandra Medine, Emily Schuman, Kaley Cuoco, Stephanie LaCava, and Caroline de Maigret.


9. XHIT Daily
Here’s yet another great fitness channel. XHIT has tons of workout videos that are on the shorter side, so they’re great for those days on which you don’t have the time or energy for a full workout. I love their Victoria’s Secret series, as well as the Eating & Exercise series, which pairs a workout with a recipe (i.e. Kickboxing & Kale Chips, Pepper & Pilates, etc.).

10. Ilya Kuznetsov
Ilya Kuznetsov is an instructor at the Bolshoi and his channel has some of the most beautiful ballet videos I’ve seen. There are some vintage clips from the 1940s, videos of actual rehearsals at the Bolshoi, and even some random lifestyle videos.


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