Let’s Talk about Patagonia

It is hard to come across a company more respectable than Patagonia. They manage to produce high-quality, durable, and practical clothing/accessories at a relatively affordable price. As Muffy Aldrich says, the cost of acquiring pieces for one’s wardrobe amortizes over time when the consumer purchases items that are high-quality and classic in style. This is not only beneficial for your bank account, but also for the environment. If you are replacing your wardrobe every few years because your clothing is becoming worn out or goes out of style, those clothes are either being completely thrown away or are (preferably) being donated to a thrift store or directly to someone who needs them. Either way, you are still demanding and consuming new clothing every few years. This creates a ripple effect of excessive consumption followed by a scramble by companies to meet demand, all eventually resulting in the conundrum we have reached today which is that more and more companies are churning out cheap, poorly made, bastardized clothing. Patagonia, on the other hand, was founded on strong environmental values which remain a priority to this day.

My dad, a huge Patagonia fan, showed me this video over the weekend and it has stuck with me ever since. It features the stories of people who have owned the same Patagonia pieces for ten, twenty, even thirty years. One man noticed the bottoms of his board shorts becoming worn, so he patched them up with a recycled umbrella. Another man has had the same pair of expedition weight long underwear for thirty years. It’s about thirty minutes long and really worth a watch, if only for the beautiful scenery.

Looking to stock up on some Patagonia items?
Screen Shot 2014-02-12 at 1.43.01 PM
Fleece Quarter Zip | Nano Puff Vest | Hemp Crossover Dress | 4″ Shorts | Merino Hiking Socks | Klean Kanteen | Refugio Pack 


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