My December in Photos (Pt. 1)

I’ve had an incredibly busy December, thus far, with finals and travels and everything else that finds it way onto my schedule. Here’s a sampling:

1 2 3
1. Had a lovely Thanksgiving with way too much food. There was so much to choose from that I barely had enough room to have a serving of my Apple & Potato au Gratin.

2. Ate foreign chocolates and listened to the Stoker soundtrack on repeat while studying for finals.

3. Had one last meal in the dining hall until January.

4. Went to a Christmas party at the home of a very important person!

5 & 6. Decorated the ladder truck for the Christmas parade.

7. Went to a team holiday party and showed off my bar trick.

8. Traveled/Slept on five planes in a span of three days.

9. Spent one day in Cincinnati, which was much more beautiful than I even remembered. When I was in elementary school and living in Lexington, Kentucky, we would take frequent class field trips to Cincy to visit the aquarium, the zoo, and (my all-time favorite) the children’s museum.

10. Spent the next two days just outside of Chicago attending an event at Kraft HQ. The temperature ranged from 8 degrees – 18 degrees (which, by my standards, is wonderful). The event was one of the greatest experiences I have had thus far. Also, Kraft HQ is incredible!

11. Left Chicago, returned to dreadful 80 degree weather at home!

12. Since then, I’ve been admiring my little Kate Spade gift underneath the tree…


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