Ladies to Admire Monday

From this moment on, each Monday on the blog shall be known as “Ladies to Admire Monday”, on which I will showcase a particular woman who represents the values perpetuated by this blog or who I simply admire for whichever reason. Our first lady will be…

Nan Kempner
Nan Field Schlesinger was born in San Francisco in July of 1930. While attending Connecticut College, she met her future husband, Thomas Kempner. The couple married in the 1950s. While living in New York, Nan ascended the social ladder, becoming an auspicious philanthropist. Over thirty years, Kempner raised more than $75,000,000 for the Memorial Sloan-Kettering Cancer Center. She worked as an editor for publications like Harper’s Bazaar and French Vogue, as a consultant for Tiffany & Co., as well as a global ambassador for Christie’s.

New York Magazine photographed Nan’s immense collection of clothing, which consisted of 362 sweaters, 354 jackets, and 106 bikinis.

Her jewelry collection, shown here, resembles an ornate Byzantine mosaic.

LEFT: Valentino, 2003 | RIGHT: Christian Lacroix, 2003

The Empress herself, Diana Vreeland said: “There are no chic women in America. The one exception is Nan Kempner.”


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