My November in Photos (Pt. 2)

Over the past two weeks, I…

1 21. Enjoyed delicious coffee from The Kookaburra on unusually chilly days.

2. Attended a PMI event in Jacksonville.

3. Took a selfie while waiting for a train to pass on my way home for the weekend.

4. Perused an amazing book called “Color Me Swoon” at a friend’s house and found this perfect little poem about Hugh Grant, as well as a two page spread on One Direction and a page about the love of my life, Michael Fassbender.

5. Helped to cook and then enjoyed our team’s Thanksgiving Dinner. Even with a few mishaps, it was such a fun night.

6. Worked at the Mayor’s Ball where I ate macarons and met some very well-dressed, interesting, and prominent people from the local community.

7. Took this photo of my college from the roof of the museum.

8. Went out for Nights of Lights (the night when the historic district of my town turns on all of the Christmas lights) with friends.



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