My November in Photos (Pt. 1)

So far this month, I…

1 2

1. Spent a long Saturday in the Enactus office working and watching Arsenal v. Liverpool. On Sunday, I watched my boys lose to Manchester which was disappointing to say the least. But, we’re still #1 in the league!

2. Had a delicious coffee and biscotti outside of The Kookaburra with my roommate while doing some reading. She read Death of a Salesman while I read The Thirteenth TaleI received my copy of The Goldfinch by Donna Tartt (one of my absolute favourite authors) a few weeks ago and am so excited to start reading it!

3. Started Halloween night with a Guinness at an Irish pub, made our way to the Casa Monica’s bar, and ended up lounging by the pool before visiting friends at another bar, then stopping by our school’s Midnight Breakfast for a few minutes.

4. Found this adorable katydid on the sidewalk!

5. Spent a day with my mum. We had brunch at our favourite cafe in town, went shopping at J.Crew and Yankee Candle…

6. …Went to the previously mentioned Irish pub for drinks, potato soup, and (incredible) truffle fries, completed the night with coffee and a strawberry shake at the diner across the street from my dorm.

7. Took a selfie…

8. Worked at a music festival, serving beer and wine to some very interesting people.

Stay tuned for Part II, coming soon.


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