Favourite Blogs

1. The Daily Prep
I absolutely love Muffy Aldrich’s blog. While I sometimes have qualms about certain opinions expressed on the blog, I admire Mrs. Aldrich for her civility, her steadfast commitment to authenticity, and her appreciation for tradition. Her blog features posts about clothing and New England life, as well as incredibly striking photographs taken by her late father. I hope to one day create a lifestyle similar to hers.

2. The College Prepster
Vineyard Vines Sweater Lobster
Carly Heitlinger is another blogger whom I truly admire. I can really relate to her experiences and personality and find her posts and email newsletter, Prep Talk, enjoyable and comforting. She writes about everything from fashion to work/school tips and organization.

3. Love Taza
Naomi, Josh, Eleanor, and Samson are the most adorable family. I love reading about their experiences as a young family in Manhattan and seeing the cutest photos of their impeccably dressed children.

4. A Cup of Jo
Another New York “mommy blog”, although that term does not do Joanna Goddard’s blog justice. I love the wide variety of subject matter she includes on the blog and was fascinated by her “American Mothers Around the World” series.

5. Atlantic Pacific
aNM 11 076I always look forward to seeing Blair Eadie on my Bloglovin feed. Some of her pairings are so unexpected that I swear she is the most sartorially gifted woman I know of.

6. Seersucker + Saddles
mashup 10
I have only recently become acquainted with this blog, but it is quickly becoming one of my very favourites. The blog is made up of Beth‘s daily outfits, which are cute, fresh, and so wearable!

7. Grace + Poise
Clare’s blog brings me so much joy. The mission of her blog is: “Brining elegance, style, etiquette, and class back into vogue—one post at a time.” This particular post sums up exactly why I am such a supporter of Grace + Poise.

8. The Sartorialist
The Sartorialist is, of course, the street style blog. I often source my street style photos from Scott’s website, as he seems to have the most consistently high quality street style images.  I love seeing how others portray themselves through their wardrobe choices.

9. Your Coffee Break
This is a wonderful career-oriented blog which also has posts about fashion and lifestyle. I am particularly fond of their interviews (such as this one with Caroline Ghosn and Amanda Pouchot) and their Careerist section.
10. Classy Girls Wear Pearls
Gatbsy Final 3 small
I am sure that all of my readers are familiar with Sarah Vickers and the KJP crew. I must say that their personal blogs and Instagram accounts are the most brilliant form of marketing/advertising I’ve ever seen. Think about it. Not to mention the fact that CGWP offers some wonderful styling ideas.

BONUS: Levo League
It may not necessarily be a blog, but the Levo League community is absolutely worth mentioning. Sign up for free and have access to some fabulous career resources, forums, and Office Hours with people like Cornelia Guest, Sheryl Sandberg, and Warren Buffett.


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