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I’m sure you’ve all heard of this play by Peter Shaffer, as it was recently revived on London’s West End starring Daniel Radcliffe as Alan Strang. After discussing it briefly in a religion course, I decided finally to read it. Let me just say that it was great and that I strongly recommend it.

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So, I found this on Pinterest and decided to try it out. It is hard to come by recipes that are healthy, delicious, and able to be made in a dorm room using only a microwave. In most cases, you can only choose two of the three. This recipe, though, is great. All you need is a microwave, a knife, your favourite cheese, and a potato (I recommend the microwaveable potatoes that come wrapped in plastic and, at my grocery, cost $1 each). So easy and so good.

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Photographer:  Nicole Nodland

Yes, I am late to the party on this one. I resisted for the longest time because this kind of music usually isn’t my thing. But, ever since I heard her song for the recent Gatsby film, I’ve been obsessed with Lana del Rey’s music. During my trip home this past weekend, I listened to “Born to Die” three times over and did the same on the way back to school.

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Fox Fodder Farm is a floral design studio based in Brooklyn and founded by the immensely talented Taylor Patterson. One of the studio’s recent projects was designing the gorgeous set for Honor’s SS 2014 collection. The Fox Fodder Farm instagram has been receiving a ton of hearts from me lately.

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I always manage to make time in my schedule for Homeland on Sunday nights. We’re three episodes into season three and, so far, it hasn’t been as exciting as the past two seasons. But, I’m holding out hope. Plus, have you seen Rupert Friend? Anything he is in, I will watch fervently.


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