My Week in Photos

Here’s what I’ve been up to:




1.  Had an Old Fashioned with my roommate at one of my favourite restaurants in town.

2.  Had a Tom Collins at a really cool, old-fashioned Spanish tavern and met some very interesting people, including a man who recently released a book about his world travels and who built his own home in Fiji.

3. Went to an event at a favourite restaurant (see #1) during which the menu items were being sold at prices from 1905, the year that the place was opened.

4. Walked around the fort with friends.

5. Admired my school’s architecture.

6. My new Warby Parker glasses came in the mail!

7. Enjoyed multiple work dates in the library with friends.

8. Decorated our door for Halloween.

9. Caught up on some episodes of “Veep” and had a cup of frozen yoghurt with ridiculous toppings.

10. Borrowed my roommate’s full-length mirror for an “Outfit of the Day” post.

11. Marveled at the view from the library.

12. Went fishing!

13. Was delighted to find the church yard covered in pumpkins on my walk to campus.

14. Began working on an exciting new project.


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