My Week(s) In Photos:

The past few weeks have been busy! Earlier in the month, my friends and I planned to have dinner at a local restaurant on the day of the place’s anniversary party. When we got there, we were informed that there was a wait of over an hour, so we ended up walking around downtown for a bit before deciding on a Greek restaurant. Afterwards, we went to the French bakery for macarons! So, a change of plans sometimes works out quite well in the end.

Some other good memories from the month include: sharing an entire chocolate pie with our table in the dining hall, walking to class on an especially beautiful morning, and reminiscing about my Kentucky trip. We spent First Friday Art Walk wandering around the city. We explored one of the museums which was offering free admission, then enjoyed some really good sangria at a gourmet market as well as chocolate samples (I tried a Jack Daniels chocolate!). The following day, my roommate and I went on a tour of the winery across the street. Later that day, my parents came into town and we went antiquing, then to dinner (hence the photo of the flambeed brazo gitano).

I did some multitasking, studying Art History (Raphael, specifically) while doing laundry. I have to add that I was very lucky to have chosen a washing machine that allowed me to use it twice for free due to some sort of mechanical error. One of the highlights of my month was seeing the One Direction documentary with my roommate. I have been a fan for quite some time, but I was happy to bring her to the ‘dark side’. The film was great and we had such a fun time!

The second to last photo is one that I took of my town the day before I went home for the weekend to avoid an influx of 75,000 people who were coming in for a music festival (which included Mumford & Sons). I love this house and always stop to admire it when I walk by. The last photo is one from the drive home, which is lovely despite how long it is.

And finally: I got iOS 7 and, I must say, I like it. It’s taken some getting used to, but I think it’s nice overall.






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