In honor of the first week back to school (at my college, at least), here are my favourite school supplies from Lifeguard Press.

1. Lilly Pulitzer 2014 Jumbo Agenda – Lucky Charms (Link)

A consensus has been reached: You cannot go wrong with a Lilly planner.

2. Lilly Pulitzer Correspondence Cards – Bamboo Pink (Link)

These come in twenty different prints, but the Bamboo Pink is my personal favourite. These can be customized using an ink-jet printer, which makes them all the better.

3. Lilly Pulitzer Flash Drive Keychain – Lucky Charms (Link)

I love this product for several different reasons. I tend to misplace my flash drives, so the fact that this one is on a keychain is  huge selling point for me.

4. Lilly Pulitzer Insulated Cooler – Tusk in Sun (Link)

This very well may be my favourite product. My school is ten minutes from the beach, so having a portable cooler in the form of a cute tote is a dream come true.

5. Lilly Pulitzer Pencil Set (Link)

Generally, I opt for mechanical pencils but these pencils, which come in various Lilly prints, are too adorable to resist.

6. Jonathan Adler Coated Canvas Zip ID – Fish Scales (Link)

I really need to invest in one of these. The dorms on our campus require an ID scan about every ten feet, so having an easily accessible ID holder is a must.

7. Jonathan Adler Highlighters (Link)

Who wouldn’t love to have these cute highlighters in their pencil case?

8. Jonathan Adler Magnets (Link)

An easy way to dress up your micro-fridge.

9. Jonathan Adler List Pads (Link)

These list pads are amazing. There are three different themes and a different print for each. In addition to the Schedule pad above, you will find a “To-Do” list and a “Stock Up On” list.

10. Jonathan Adler Tape Dispenser – Stepped Diamonds (Link)

Another easy way to spice up your desk. Another option would be to purchase a plain, solid coloured tape dispenser from an office supply store and decorate it with this Jonathan Adler Decorative Tape or any of the other cute, printed duct tape on the market.

Happy Fall Semester!


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